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Update On Version 2.0

As of version 2.0 this plugin will be moved over to my coding site at #! code, the full link is here:

Social Media Page Plugin at #! code

Comments are now closed on this post so I you want help and support then go over to #! code and either leave a comment or post in the forum.

The Social Media Page WordPress plugin will add a list of links to your social media profiles on a page or post of your choice. This plugin also creates a widget that will display your social media profiles in the side bar of your site.

Rather than getting you to enter all of your social media profiles as URLs the plugin gets you to enter your username, and works out the rest. Some exceptions (like Facebook) require some extra information, which has been accounted for. There are over 100 different social media sites to select from so it should cover anything you happen to be a member of.

When the links are displayed on the page it will use a keyword of your choice as the text for the link.

With this plugin you can create a central base for any social media strategy.


Download the Social Media Page Plugin at


To install the plugin just drop the folder social-media-page into your WordPress plugins folder (located at wp-content/plugins/). Log into WordPress and go to your Plugins section and activate the social media page plugin.

When the plugin is activated for the first time it checks to see if a table exists called wp_socialmediaprofiles. If it doesn’t then it creates it and adds lots of social media sites that will be used by the plugin.

The plugin also creates a WordPress option called smp_keyword. This option is used to store the keyword that will be used to link to the profiles entered.


The administration section for this plugin is under Settings->Social Media Page.

Social media page administration section.

Social media page administration section.

Enter your keyword in the input box at the top. You can now start filling in your social media profile usernames, following the template to the right of the input box on each line. Taking StumbleUpon as an example, the template is http://{username}, the username tag will be replaced by whatever you enter into the username field. My StumbleUpon username is philipnorton42, so I would put this into the username box.

Social media page - entering information.

Social media page - entering information.

There are some sites that do things differently, and one of these is Facebook. This site has two input boxes, one for your name and your profile ID, both of which can be found out from the URL on Facebook. Just to clarify, the name field in Facebook is your name, but with spaces replaced by “_”. So my own name being Philip Norton, would be written as Philip_Norton.

Only those profiles that you fill in will be displayed on the front end of the site.

If you see a star next to a profile then this means that you should enable public viewing on those profiles before you link to them.

If you see two stars you will need to enter some information that will allow you to link to your profile with a username.

It is also possible to change the order in which the sites appear. Just click anywhere on the grey bar of the site and drag it up and down to move it into a different position.

Social media page - changing the position of two sites.

Social media page - changing the position of two sites.

Social media page - position changed.

Social media page - position changed.

To remove a social media page from the list just delete the username in the box and update. Any fields with blank usernames will not be displayed.

Embed The List Into A Page/Post

After setting up the needed fields in your administration section you can display the list on any page or post by using the following tag:

<!-- social-media-page -->

With the keyword and the two sites in the previous images entered, the output would look something like this.

Social media page - page output.

Social media page - page output.

The look of the list depends on the stylesheet that you have in your template. It consists of a simple unordered list wrapped in a div with the id of “smp-wrapper”.

Make sure you add this tag in HTML mode as the visual editor will convert the characters into HTML and display the tag instead of the list of social media profiles.


If you notice any bugs or feel that this plugin can be improved in any way then let me know! Also, the list is far from complete, so if you feel that I have left any sites out then I will create an update and add those sites in.

Note that I have created this plugin in my own time so although I will try to fix any problems quickly, that might not always be the case.

Changes in version 1.3

  • Added a fix for a typo in the Friendfeed profile.
  • Added an option to add rel=”nofollow” to the links created by this plugin.
  • Tidied up widget code to incorporate widget options from theme.

Changes to Version 1.2

  • This plugin can now be used as a widget.
  • Plugin output tweaked to have normal output for pages and smaller output when printing widget.
  • Added option to allow blog admin to decide if credit should be given to plugin author.
  • Noticed bug when updating plugin causing no images to be displayed. This was due to file permissions. Added a function that sets file permissions properly at install.

Changes to Version 1.1

  • Fixed some incorrect information in some of the profile information.


If you like this plugin then you can help with development through a donation.

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126 Responses to Social Media Page Plugin For WordPress

  1. Chuck Rayman says:

    How can I increase the size of the icon?


  2. Diane Mercier says:

    It will be great if VIADEO social site will be added.
    My profil is :

  3. Alex says:

    Could you please add Orkut and


  4. Paul says:


    It seems that to have even a small chance of gaining a bit of extra traffic to your website you need a “blog”. And to have a chance of anyone ever seeing your “blog” you need “plugins”. And to be able to use said “plugins” you need a bleeding PhD in gobledeegook and Facebook!

    More reading for me, I might pick this up one day!

  5. PacMaps says:

    Excellent plugin, I use this quite often in WP for my posts.

  6. Soren says:

    Great plugin!

    Could you add It’s a game development forum in full social web 2.0 style.

    Example of profile page:

    Their buttons page:

    Could it also be possible to add your WordPress RSS feeds to the widget? I would love to have these moved here so I could remove them from the Meta widget.

  7. vca says:

    Nice plugin!

    I installed the plugin and activated it into the HomePage widget in WP admin panel however I get a thick white box around each social media icon and they are very close to each other. I want to get rid of these white boxes and space the icons out so that it looks better.

    How can I do that?

    Please HELP!


  8. Rebecca says:

    Hi Phillip,

    I tried using: to use the plugin in multiple sidebars. The icons and text show up but the links don’t work.

    I would be so grateful for any tips.

    Thanks in advance!!

  9. Your Plugin is great. Thank you very much. I was looking a plugin like that

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  11. Susan says:

    Hi Phillip

    Thanks for a great plugin with really clear installation instructions for newbies/techno-duds like me. I just followed the directions and it worked first time.

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to add Posterous in to the mix?

    It seems to be growing in popularity and I have already built a small following there as I’ve been using it as a personal blog to increase my profile while I get my main professional blog up and running (where I use this plugin).

    Hope you can help.


  12. Dumb Videos says:

    Thanks for developing this plugin. It is exactly what I was looking for. Even for my own purposes, it’s nice to have a central location for all of my SM accounts.

  13. Is there a way to increase the size of the buttons?

  14. Peter Cannon says:

    Thanks for your hard work, I’m a new user of wordpress and the plugin was exactly what I needed. Any chance of adding Jamendo many thanks.

  15. Watchz says:

    This is a great WP plugin. I recommended.

  16. Mia says:

    After looking through several similar plugins, I finally settled on this one, mostly because it had most of what I was looking for :) Thank you for this plugin! I hope you’ll be able to include Dreamwidth ( in your next update. Thanks again!

  17. Scott says:


    Any way we can add:

    1. Google Buzz
    3. Station Profiles??

    Many thanks!

  18. serra says:

    hey there!

    i was wondering if you could maybe add to the list??

    also thanks for this plugin, it’s great :)


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  20. Mark Ellam says:

    great plugin. notice mention of version 2 but never released ?
    any chance of adding gowalla and foursquare .

  21. Hi! I love the plugin – but want to report what appears to be a bug. The custom sort order does not appear to be working. I’ve put them in the order I want and have clicked Save Options, but it always reverts. Any help you can give would be great. Thanks!


  22. Social media is very helpful but there must be an effective communication and interaction skills for those people who are involved.

  23. asshu says:

    @Tracy J.Collier
    The same problem persisted for me .

  24. asshu says:

    I have added the tag to my pages .But only appearing the images but not links .Am I missing some thing?

  25. mike says:

    Hi all, cant seem to display the list – anyone help? I see the controls, have created two profiles in the admin. I’ve added through the editor in html mode, added the same tag manually to my header.php and also tried adding a div with id=”smp-wrapper” manually to header.php. I see the tag and the div when I view source, but no list?? – Please Advise

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