Broken Windscreen Wipers On A Skoda Fabia?

I was driving home yesterday when something odd happened with the Windscreen wipers on my Fabia. I tried to use my front windscreen washer and my back windscreen wiper moved.  I soon found out that moving the wiper control up and down did nothing and trying to use the back wipers did nothing either.

After some research on the internet (Google is my best friend) I found that this was due to blowing a fuse.  This happens when you try to use your windscreen washer when it is frozen. If this happens to you then don’t worry, you can just swap the fuse and you will be fine.

Skoda Fabia Fuse Panel

Skoda Fabia Fuse Panel

Skoda Fabia Fuse Panel Ledgend

Skoda Fabia Fuse Panel Ledgend

The fuse box on the Fabia is located behind the driver side door on the main dashboard panel, next to the stearing wheel. To open it just find the little notch in the bottom half, pop your key in there and twist it.  The whole thing should come off, but it is a little tricky.

To get things working again just replace fuse 21 with a 10 amp fuse.  If you don’t have a fuse handy you can swap the broken one (make sure it is broken) with fuse 32, which controls the back windscreen wiper.  This will mean that you can drive to your local fuse shop and pick up a fuse even if it is raining.

To get the fuse panel cover back on just put in the panel by lining up the three hooks on the straight edge and push it towards the front of the car.  Once you have it nearly in place you can either hit it in with your fist or just close the door on it.

To stop this fuse blowing you need to make sure that your washer fluid is not frozen before you use it.  You can always increase the concentration of the fluid to prevent this from hapening during the winter.

[Update: Images taken from Fuse Panel Layout If you have any Fabia problems then take a look, it's a good site with lots of information.]

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208 Responses to Broken Windscreen Wipers On A Skoda Fabia?

  1. Paul Crew says:

    Fantastic! Thought it was the switch as I also looked in the manual with gave a different fuse number. I got a price for a new switch which was £80 plus labour. So to change the fuse (which worked) I reckon just saved me about £79.90 plus labour.

    Nice one!!

  2. Marc says:

    Yeah, thanks very much, awesome post.

    My blown fuse was number 15 and not 21 but a cheeky swap with fuse number 32 sorted it right out.

    Was nearly weeping earlier when I saw a post on Bri Skoda off a guy who said it cost him £430 to sort out. Am now a very happy man.

  3. Taissa says:

    Thank you! A friend suggested this might be the problem but I didn’t know where to find the fuse box or which fuse to change. Brilliant.

  4. abdirashiid says:

    Correction: It’s not correct fuse no 21. The correct fuse no is no 15 with 10A. Thanks for sharing the info

  5. jacky says:

    Spent hours looking for fuse box tonight in freezing weather x thanks to this site x I now know where it is

  6. Edward O'Connor says:

    The back window wiper on my 2009 Skoda Fabia diesel (1.4) won’t stop going. I think it’s relay switch but when I went to garage to buy it I found I needed it’s number. Do you know where I can find it? I would really appreciate your help.

  7. Jake says:

    Hi, my front passenger side wiper has stopped working today (typical as it p***ing down!). Ive had a look through briskoda about the 15 fuse but its only the one wiper is there a fuse for each wiper? Any help much appreciated! Thanks :)

  8. Jake says:

    Its the 1.4 tdi fabia mk2 5j

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