I Now Own A VPS!

Thanks to heart internet I am now the (proud??) owner of a VPS, which is now being used to run this blog. I moved my domain management over a while ago and I have been putting off moving the site for a while. So this weekend I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. Turned out quite well really!

Future plans are to move #! code from the utterly useless TalkTalkBusiness “hosting” service so this server. I just wanted to get this blog moved first before concentrating on a site with far more traffic.

I would highly recommend heart internet. Their control panel brilliant, their customer service is amazing (even on a Sunday) and the VPS seems to be very stable. I was able to go from nothing, to fully working VPS in about 15-20 mins.

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Draw Muhammad Day 2012

Draw Muhammad Day 2012

Draw Muhammad Day 2012

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Arm Chair Scientist Destroyed On Radio 4

Heard an interesting incident on Radio 4 yesterday morning. They brought on a guy who was a typical arm chair scientist and was insisting that the BBC series ‘Walking with dinosaurs’ was completely impossible because it was clear to anyone that dinosaurs couldn’t possibly support their own weight. He said that much of the land must have been flooded which would allow them to live without having to support all of their massive bulk. They let him talk for a couple of minutes on this to put across his point.

So to counter this they got in paleontologist from the natural history museum in London who said that this was the opinion of scientists in the 60s, but if he had read the literature he would have seen the evidence for dinosaurs being able to support their own weight. The science done over the past 40 years had conclusively proved that even the largest of dinosaurs had the bone and muscle structure needed to allow them to move around.

It was a classic put down (in a single sentence) of a typical arm chair scientist that hasn’t done any research and has come to his own conclusions about things. I’m not quite sure what BBC Radio 4 was trying to do here, but it was definately an interesting exchange.

Perhaps they should do the same with homeopathy?

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Where Does The Cost Of My Train Ticket Go?

According to Northern Rail, out of the £13.60 a day I spend getting to work, only 17p is spent on running the train.

I’m thinking this is 17p out of every £1, but still, where does the rest of the money go if only 17% goes towards what I would consider everything needed to actually run the sodding train.

Thanks Northern Rail.

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Draw Muhammad Day 2011

MuhammadIt’s draw Muhammad day 2011 (20th May) so here is my effort for this year.

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