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Draw Muhammad Day 2012

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Arm Chair Scientist Destroyed On Radio 4

Heard an interesting incident on Radio 4 yesterday morning. They brought on a guy who was a typical arm chair scientist and was insisting that the BBC series ‘Walking with dinosaurs’ was completely impossible because it was clear to anyone … Continue reading

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Remembering Pi

Not many people need to remember Pi to more than 4-5 digits, but if you do here is a limerick I found that will help you. First, the number: 3.14159265358979323846 Next, the limerick: The ratio of C over D, Where … Continue reading

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A Warning To Consumers

This is a warning to anyone thinking about buying anything from the catalogue chain store Argos. I have had so much trouble with them that I thought I would share it with anyone who reads this blog, which is no-one. … Continue reading

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RFID on wheelie bins

I saw an article the other day about a council the U.K. installing radio frequency identification tags (RFID) onto their wheelie bins. These tags are installed to monitor the amount of rubbish that people throw away. When the bin is … Continue reading

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