Here I will reference any projects on the web that I have been involved with in the past.

Philip Norton

I created this site using WordPress and an off the shelf theme with no modification.

Originality Complex

This was a small scale society which was bascially a couple of guys trying to DJ at The Bay in Aberystwyth (much to the annoyance of RocSoc). The idea was good, and it lasted well, mostly due to their enthusiasm. I created this site as a way of allowing people to see any news or reviews we that we wanted to announce.

This night actually spawned one of the bizarrest conversations I ever had with anyone. To let people know about the site we printed off little bits of paper with the address on and gave them out to people. One girl actually said that she was against the use of paper and therefore couldn’t take the address from me. What do you say to something like that?

The site was one of my first (before I found out about CSS and PHP), and so is a bit basic, and full of tables. Still it was good fun creating it, and it looks quite nice!

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